Available in 2 sizes:
Large 6 x 8

Small 5 x 6

$4.99 each
(any size)

on orders of 2 or more baggies!
(in the US)

Reusable snack & sandwich baggies

At greenbaggies.com we make reusable lunch and snack baggies.  We are very pleased to be selling a product that is very functional, food safe, convenient, practical, green and fun for kids (and grown ups!).  We use a food safe  moisture resistant rip-stop nylon liner which is BPA, PUL & Phthalate free.   The bags can be wiped clean with a moist cloth or put right in the laundry. The convenient drawstring closure is made to hold up over many washes and no pesky velcro to get caught in the other clothing in your laundry.   Help save waste from ending up in our landfills or beaches and be confident that you are keeping your food away from plastics and polyurethane coated materials.  These reusable bags are very children friendly and a great way to pack any lunch or snack!

   Our family of five, used to use about 7-8 plastic baggies daily just to pack lunches and snacks (1-2 per person/day).  That use alone adds up to about 2730 baggies/year!!!  Multiply that by just half of Vermont's population and you get 313,215 x 2730 = 855,076,950.  Yes, that's an astounding 855 million bags per year, and Vermont has the 3rd smallest population of all the states in the US!!  There is an environmental cost here, in waste that is really unnecessary.  There is also the cost that we paid for all those plastic baggies that we just threw away!

   Click on our Greenbaggies info tab for more information.

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